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02-Nov-2017 18:20

In un malandatissimo camion il fedele servitore imbarca la bara d'ordinanza su un cargo di profughi diretti verso le coste della Puglia.

I malcapitati saranno il suo pasto durante il viaggio.

A university researcher is fired because of the cuts to university.

To earn a living he decides to produce drugs recruiting his former colleagues, who despite their skills are living at the margins of society. Ivano e Jessica, giovani figli di arricchiti parvenu ed un po' ignoranti, vorrebbero sempre provare nuove "strade di far l'amore". See full summary » The life and times of Armando Feroci, a fortyish year old, who's been everything (jobwise), a divorced husband, a careless father, an unreliable brother. See full summary » Three stories, three characters all played by Verdone.

Così, invece delle soubrette televisive, deve accontentarsi di travestiti e ragazzi di colore.

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This movie does feature some interesting ideas in it and it can somewhat be seen as a modern retelling and take on the Dracula story, with of course a less serious approach to it all.

It's a sort of new wave of film-making, that happens all across Europe, that gets aimed completely toward the younger generations.

The acting is quite poor in parts and it seems to me that most of the cast consists out of non-professional actors but the movie does still feature some good and likable characters in it, so the acting really is no big complaint, since the characters still work out well enough.

The cast is also full of musicians from the Italian scene like James Senese from Napoli Centrale, Tormento from Sottotono and lots more.

The soundtrack is also full of good hip hop beats you can move the head to while watching the movie.

A good effort to represent Italian Hip-Hop and the Roman underground in a different way.

Too often, women feel discouraged when they are trying to find mature men with whom they can go out for a cup of coffee and maybe reminisce about days gone by.… continue reading »

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But the representations we do have can help move the ball forward.… continue reading »

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Though Category 2 is not mandatory (cable and satellite carriers are not compelled to carry such channels), Quebecor included in its resubmission a request for a Category 1-style "mandatory access" period of no more than three years, insisting that the network would need that period of time "to effectively expose and promote its programming to viewers across Canada" without obliging cable and satellite customers to add it to their package; The move was widely considered an easier avenue for Sun News' licence approval (Category 2 licences are routinely granted by the CRTC unless it is for a format considered a protected genre, of which national news channels are not included).… continue reading »

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Empire Nightingale sailed again on 23 December to join Convoy ON 49, She left the convoy at the Cape Cod Canal and sailed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, arriving on 29 April.… continue reading »

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