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Note: paragraphs highlighted in yellow are new or recently updated.Paragraphs highlighted in gray were new or updated in the previous release.In both situations, we anticipate that future research may lead to firmer understanding of the family lines, and we will revise the lineage page as needed.To join the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project: (using this link will get you the group discount on your initial order) Could we determine that some Carpenter lines are unrelated to others, such as the Carpenters of English ancestry and those of German/Swiss ancestry? This project has identified many genetically distinct Carpenter lines, both English and German, and all of the German lines have proven to be different from all of the English lines and from each other.Could we connect emigrant lines to Carpenters or Zimmermans still living in the homelands?code=S82066 Select YDNA37, 67, or 111 (the most useful tests) then click "ORDER NOW." If you select YDNA12 or 25, you may need to upgrade later to get a definitive result.PLEASE NOTE: We do not track mitochondrial (mt DNA) or autosomal (Family Finder) tests in this project.

MORE JARGON: A list of these lengths for a given individual is called a HAPLOTYPE.

Because the Y inheritance scheme is the same as the traditional surname inheritance in our society, we expect to find that all males with the same family surname will have the same Y chromosome as well.