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17-Jul-2017 16:11

I looked over at the alarm clock and saw it was just after six am.Mom would be getting up right about now and soon would be in the shower.I only half believed her, but then again she was spending a lot of time in her room online at night so maybe she was chatting.I smiled at the thought that if she was talking to someone, hopefully the guy would be smart enough to ask her out for tomorrow night and she would go.As exciting as my fantasies were I knew they were twisted and mom loved me dearly, but as her son.What a waste, my mother lying alone in her bed at night and me two rooms down thinking about her.

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My feelings were getting to the point it was past teasing and close to torment.My oedipal obsession had taken me to the point I wasn't paying any attention to any of the girls at school, even the ones that flirted with me.