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The Pamir Mountains form the western prolongation of the Tibetan-Himalayan collisional orogenic system (Fig.1), which is the locus of Earth’s highest mountains and largest continental plateau.Although both Tibet and the Pamir are characterized by similar rocks and tectonostratigraphic architecture (Şengör, 1984; Dewey et al., 1988; Burtman and Molnar, 1993; Schwab et al., 2004; Robinson et al., 2007, 2012; Robinson, 2009), current debate exists about the exact correlation of terranes and sutures along strike (Schwab et al., 2004; Robinson et al., 2004, 2012; Robinson, 2009). (1981) and the more recent correlation of Schwab et al.All models suggest northward displacement of the Pamir with respect to Tibet but differ in the magnitude of offset along the Karakorum fault as well in the width of individual geologic terranes across the orogenic system and in the degree of correlation (Fig. (2004) call for a large magnitude of slip (∼250 km), whereas others (Searle, 1996; Robinson et al., 2004; Robinson, 2009) suggest a much smaller offset (∼150 km).Cenozoic exhumation is localized around Miocene rifts (Kapp and Guynn, 2004) and the southeastern externally drained margin of the plateau (Clark et al., 2005) and on the frontal (southern) flank of the Himalaya (Thiede and Ehlers, 2013).

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Here, we apply geochronology, thermochronology, and Hf isotope geochemistry to modern river sand grains in order to determine the timing of crustal evolution and the timing and pattern of exhumation of the Pamir.

AFT data show strong Miocene–Pliocene signals at the orogen scale, indicating rapid erosion at the regional scale.

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