Dating half your age plus 7

10-Nov-2017 10:03

While valid points related to all relationships, these criticisms assume that either of these things matter in attraction, or even in sustaining a quality relationship, when they don’t seem to.

As you made small talk, she volunteered she had a boring weekend ahead, so you took the hint, and asked for her number. One that almost always comes up is the “half your age plus seven” rule, which basically states that you divide your age by two, add seven, and that’s the youngest you can date. The reality is that if you are assessing what is “acceptable” in terms of age gaps, there are really only three considerations: legal, biological/psychological, and social. Legally, there is a limit to whom you can date without repercussions.

Very few women embrace the “cougar” mentality by dating men who are a lot younger.

So, women tend to view relationships as socially acceptable where the men are slightly older.

Socially, attitudes about age gaps vary, but reflect the biology of attraction.

Women often end up dating men a few years older or younger than them, and express interest in this when polled, whether they are talking about flings, fantasies, or marriages.

However, it may be shocking how quickly he would avail himself of that arrangement if it presented itself.

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