Dating a virgo man intimdating

23-Sep-2017 21:15

He usually wears glasses, all that computer work and study gets hard on the eyes. He eats organic and has a deep distrust of chemicals in his food.He probably has a kind of wiry build, but he’s in great shape. There’s probably a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods nearby, so food shouldn’t be an issue.

He’s going to take care of you just as well as he takes care of himself. Sneeze once; and he’ll run to the drug store to bring you any remedy he can find. It’s fun being pampered like that, play it out for a while.

So you’ll feel his restlessness, but it’s not the scattered restlessness you feel from a Gemini. He really doesn’t even like sneakers; he may often wear real shoes. Virgos are extremely health conscious, and like to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s more like a laser beam, and hopefully it’s focused on you. Mix that with those sparkling gray eyes and curly brown hair he tries to keep neat, but can’t really manage; and you have a real hottie there. Many are vegans or vegetarians; and they are extremely disciplined about diet and exercise.

They emphasize detail and their love of learning translates into trying new techniques to please you. Once couples are together for a long time, I think many go through periods of having less or more sex, depending on what’s happening in their lives. There is another point we have not discussed about Astrology.

Not only your Sun, but every planet in your horoscope is in an Astrology sign.

FYI: Chris Pine is Virgo; a favorite of fans here at GPB.